Union Gallery Upcoming Events

2023-11-02 - 2023-12-31

Printmaking Workshop with Queen's Black Clubs Caucus
IN-PERSON: November 2, 6pm
Sound Play with QWave for Global Education Conference
IN-PERSON: November 9, 6pm
Beyond Words – Belonging: Creating and Sustaining a Sense with Zakary Georges
“Twisted Wind” Gagné and Queer Collage Collectives
IN-PERSON: November 11, 1-3pm
The side effects of red brick walls: Live Performance Series by Sarah Jihae Kaye
IN-PERSON: November 15, 6pm
Making Art Work: Preparing Portfolios with Emily Pittman
VIRTUAL: November 15, 6pm
Artist Talk with Valerie Camila and Sarah Jihae Kaye
VIRTUAL: November 16, 6pm
Artist Talk with Racquel Rowe and Maddie Lychek
VIRTUAL: November 23, 6pm
Our current exhibitions run until November 25, so you have a month to catch Maddie Lychek
and Racquel Rowe’s At the Buffet in the Main Space; Sarah Jihae Kaye’s the side effects of red
brick walls in the Project Room; and Valerie Camila’s quién se come a quién on the Feature