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Listen to CFRC wherever you go on your mobile devices!  We broadcast in stereo, 24/7, 365 days a year, over-the-air on 101.9FM, via Cogeco cable channel 282, and  worldwide through our stream here at (click our 'now playing' button above).  We also air via the following downloadable platforms: 

Live .mp3 audio stream through iTunes

TuneIn App (download and stream)

Radio Garden App (download and stream)

Simple Radio App (download link)

Radio Player Canada (download and stream)



And CFRC Podcasts!  Subscribe to your favorites today! 

When you download an app to your mobile device, simply search CFRC and tap 'heart' for favorite for speedy access to your favorite local programs!

Note: We are no longer able to update our iPhone app which has been disabled. Please use iTunes or the other platforms above on iPhone devices.