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Main Office Line: (613)533-2121
Telephone Interview Line: (613) 533-2505

Mailing Address 
CFRC Radio, 62 Fifth Field Company Lane, Lower Carruthers Hall, Queen’s University, Kingston ON K7L 3N6

Dinah Jansen, Executive Director,
Chancelor Maracle, Technical and Music Library Manager,
Christena Lawrie, CFRC News Reporter,
Jesse Bell, Program Coordinator,

Board Inquiries 
Email Radio Queen's University Board President Ken 

CFRC Music Submission Policy

Submissions are received by ground mail or at only. All submissions to other CFRC emails will be deleted.  Please also note that music submitted via social media is not accepted.

CFRC‘s music library brings together more than 90,000 recordings on vinyl, tape, CD and digital music files. Our library is always growing and we welcome promotional copies of independent artists’ material to add to the collection. We do add singles!

Acceptable mediums: CDs, vinyl, tapes, or digital files.  

Explicit language policy: Any submission containing explicit language must be identified. That means any track on a full length, EP or "single" submission that contains explicit language must be identified by the submitting party.

Physical Submissions: CDs, vinyl, and cassettes alongside supporting material may be mailed to CFRC at the following address:

Attn: Music Department
CFRC 101.9 FM 
62 Fifth Field Company Lane
Carruthers Hall, Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6

Supporting material: A one-page bio is appreciated. This can be two pages maximum, but if it's provided physically, it  must fit folded with the media that it accompanies (i.e. usually inside of a CD jewel case). Please try to keep packaging to a minimum.  We do accept promotional swag as well with submissions.

Digital submissions: Digital submissions must be encoded as MP3's at 320kbps. Files should be zipped or collected in a single archive rather then sent as individual music files. A .pdf or .text file with information about the artist, album, label or songs is appreciated. Metadata tagged to each song is also appreciated and allows for faster processing and onboarding. Album art in .pdf or .jpeg is optimal but not required. 

Review policy: Once a submission is made, we reserve the right to keep the item in review for a reasonable amount of time, and the right to reject it for reasons of our own determination (including being in violation of human rights legislation, CFRC's guiding prinicipals, or federal broadcast regulations).

If something is added, the normal process is to place it in the new releases for 3 to 4 months, although it may be longer for some genres, such as reggae, or if the album remains popular for more than 90 days. During that time, tracking is available. After this time in new releases, the item will be placed in our library where it remains available to the programmers for the coming years.

We offer no guarantee of airplay. Individual programmers make the final judgment about the content of their programs.

CFRC charts: These are posted online every Wednesday at !earshot, and always include a Top 30, and usually folk/blues, electronic, hip-hop and jazz Top 10 charts as well. Mail-outs are also done that week, and the CFRC website frontpage includes a post about the charts every week as well.  Please contact the music coordinator to be added to this mailing list.

Contact our Library Manager if you have any further questions at music at