Utilities Kingston to call electricity customers, seeks input

October 2, 2023

Over the next ten days, Utilities Kingston will call some of its electricity customers to conduct a satisfaction survey. The phone calls, from Innovative Research Group, will start this week and Utilities Kingston wants people to know these phone calls and questions are legitimate and authorized.

"We've been serving Kingston for more than 150 years and know that what is important to customers changes over time. Being a company that is easy to do business with is our priority. Please share your opinions to help us better understand your needs,” says Kevin McCauley, Director of Telecommunications and Customer Care for Utilities Kingston.

Utilities Kingston has contracted Innovative Research Group, a public opinion research firm, to call some of its customers in central Kingston to ask a few questions about its electrical services. When they call, Innovative Research Group will ask to speak to the person who looks after your household’s electrical bill and then proceed with the survey, which takes less than ten minutes. You will not be asked for account, financial or other personal information.

Additional information:  

  • The survey is voluntary. You are not obligated to participate. 
  • The survey is designed to help Utilities Kingston understand customer satisfaction as it relates to services provided by the utility. The survey should take approximately eight minutes.  
  • Customers will be contacted at random.  
  • The telephone number they will be calling from is 613-505-4111. 
  • If customers are unavailable when contacted, they will have the opportunity to schedule a call-back time at their convenience.  
  • This is a legitimate research study.  

Utilities Kingston is one of many electric utilities in Ontario now conducting customer satisfaction surveys, as required by the Ontario Energy Board. If you receive a call from Innovative Research Group asking you to participate in a survey for Utilities Kingston, please consider participating.

Questions or concerns about the survey can be directed to customer service at 613-546-1181, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

  • Media contact: For more information contact 613-546-4291, ext. 2300