Utilities Kingston creates Sustainability and Climate Action branch

September 11, 2023

Sept. 11, 2023

In its commitment to environmental sustainability and climate action, Utilities Kingston is growing the organization. The new Sustainability and Climate Action branch will position the company to deliver on its strategic goal to support the City of Kingston as a climate action leader. 

The branch is led by Remi Adedapo, Director of Utilities Engineering. Utilities Kingston appointed Stephanie Pettis as the new Manager of Sustainability and Climate Action. 

A key initiative for the new branch will be to develop a Utilities Kingston Climate Action Leadership Plan by the end of 2024, to identify opportunities for operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and infrastructure resilience. The branch will also: 

  • Develop, manage, and report on Utilities Kingston’s climate action goals. 

  • Manage conservation programs, helping utility customers with water and energy efficiency, while preserving and protecting the environment.   

  • Play a pivotal role in reducing GHG emissions from utility operations.  

  • In partnership with internal departments, address system energy needs through conservation and demand management.  

“Utility companies manage the environmental impact of delivering energy, treating source water and managing wastewater, while relying on the natural environment for clean water and energy sources,” says Stephanie Pettis, Manager, Sustainability & Climate Action. “This organizational change supports Utilities Kingston in reducing the environmental impact of delivering multiple utility services, while furthering our goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”  

Visit UtilitiesKingston.com/Corporate/CorporateResponsibility to learn more about the company’s initiatives to protect the planet.