Utilities Kingston 2022 annual report online

June 29, 2023

Utilities Kingston is sharing its 2022 annual report with the community. This marks the company’s first progress report under the leadership of a new president and CEO, and the second year of its 2021-2025 strategic plan.

Find the digital flip book and accessible electronic document at www.UtilitiesKingston.com.

“I am proud to present this revamped annual report that improves stakeholder reporting, while disclosing progress on strategic and operational objectives. The report provides transparency on financial management and governance issues, and the company’s impact on people and planet,” says David Fell, President and CEO of Utilities Kingston.

The 2022 annual report highlights progress on environmental, social and governance issues, and its strategic plan, annual work plan, long-term capital projects and operational performance. These results are part of Utilities Kingston’s commitment and responsibility to deliver safe and efficient utility services to its customers.
See and share the full report at www.UtilitiesKingston.com