Neighbourhood Climate Action Champions are back

October 17, 2023

Take the lead and apply to become a Neighbourhood Climate Action Champion (NCAC)! Returning for its second year, the NCAC program supports passionate climate champions in their efforts to inspire, motivate and encourage neighbours and friends to make change in our community. 

"Last year, we received tremendous interest in the newly created Neighbourhood Climate Action Champion program, with many residents eager to share their knowledge and create a more sustainable community," says Julie Salter-Keane, Manager, Climate Leadership. "A diverse range of ideas were shared and put into action, ranging from creating an edible community garden to exploring the wonders of moss. I’m eager to see what creative climate action ideas this year’s champions will bring forward." 

The NCAC program is part of the City’s response to the climate emergency and empowers residents to make change in our community by supporting community-focused actions that support the City’s Climate Leadership Plan

Climate action project ideas could include: 

  • Educating residents about environmental issues 
  • Leading discussions on climate challenges 
  • Collaborating on community-focused projects 
  • Inspiring broader participation in climate action  
  • Contributing to the City's Climate Leadership Plan for greenhouse gas reductions 

Champions have a range of potential projects including, hosting workshops on waste reduction or cycling, leading events to raise awareness about climate change, organizing workshops to enhance energy efficiency, and planting pollinator gardens or community gardens, among other impactful ideas. 

Cherilyn Burnell, Neighbourhood Climate Action Champion for the Trillium District, chose to establish a community garden and provide educational gardening programs for children.  

"I am passionate about building strong and sustainable communities and this program offered me the funding and coaching that could help me bring some ideas to life,” says Cherilyn. 

Cherilyn collaborated with the City, Loving Spoonful, Kingston Frontenac Public Library, and community members to create space and resources for people to grow fresh, local food to feed people in our community. Garden members of all ages and levels of experience were welcome to join. 

"This garden initiative champions sustainability and fosters a genuine sense of community through shared gardening and harvesting experiences. Through this collaboration, we've been able to donate hundreds of pounds of produce to people in our community, with some going to Loving Spoonful's Grow-A-Row program as well as to local neighbours through a pop-up food stand this fall," adds Cherilyn. 

What would you do with $2,000 to support climate action and make changes in our community? Individuals and organizations are invited to apply to become the next Neighbourhood Climate Action Champion before Nov. 16.  

For more information or to apply, visit