Kingston Transit launches new online pass renewal portal

November 16, 2023

Today Kingston Transit launched a new online pass renewal portal that allows riders to renew most Kingston Transit reloadable bus passes online in real-time. To mark the occasion of the launch, the first ten people to renew their pass in this new portal will receive a free month of Kingston Transit rides.

Riders can login to, upload the number associated with their existing Kingston Transit bus pass, personal details and credit card information to the portal. Riders can renew monthly or weekly passes or add funds to multi-ride cards.

“This new portal will make it much easier for riders to update their monthly bus passes but is also a brand-new way for riders to be able to add funds to an existing multi-ride bus pass”, says, Ian Semple, Director of Transit and Transportation. “The old renewal system only allowed for monthly passes to be renewed and the renewal process took 24 to 48 hours. This new portal will allow most types of Kingston Transit passes to be renewed and the renewal process will be instant.”

As part of the new portal, riders will also be able to add more than one card to the portal. This allows a parent or guardian to add funds to a youth or senior card. Riders will also have the option to enable an auto-renewal feature to ensure their bus passes are up to date.

This portal will not replace the current rider option to renew bus passes in-person at one of the many retail locations in the city. The portal can only be used to update existing physical bus passes. New bus passes can be purchased in-person at either the City Hall Payment Centre located at 216 Ontario Street or the Cataraqui Centre Guest Services Desk located at 945 Gardiners Rd.

Questions about the new pass renewal portal or anything else related to Kingston Transit can be sent to or by calling 613-546-0000.