KFL&A Public Health to offer curbside pick-up services for free GetaKit HIV self-test kits

October 10, 2023

 KFL&A Public Health is pleased to announce its collaboration with GetaKit to offer curbside pick-up, for free HIV self-test kits for residents over 16 living in the KFL&A region. GetaKit curbside pick-up is a great option that provides low-barrier and private HIV testing which can be completed in the comfort of your home. GetaKit and KFL&A Public Health will continue to provide the convenience of kit delivery directly to your home or a location of your choice.

Locations for curbside pick-up include:

  • KFL&A Public Health, Cloyne Office 14209 Highway 41 Cloyne, ON
  • KFL&A Public Health, Kingston Office 221 Portsmouth Ave., Kingston, ON
  • KFL&A Public Health, Napanee Office 99 Advance Ave., Napanee, ON

To obtain a free HIV self-test kit from the designated KFL&A Public Health office locations register online by visiting getakit.ca/kfla/register.

The testing process involves a simple blood sample obtained from a fingertip, which is then analyzed for HIV antibodies using the included testing device. Each kit comes complete with detailed instructions and a contact phone number for any questions or concerns that may arise during testing.

"We think everyone should have the chance to do a simple and safe HIV test. Our partnership with GetaKit reflects our shared commitment to promoting healthier communities and empowering people to take charge of their health,” said Nicole Szumlanski, manager of sexual health at KFL&A Public Health. “By offering free HIV self-test kits at easily accessible locations, we hope to make a meaningful impact on public health in the KFL&A region."

Over the years, the KFL&A region has experienced some fluctuations in the number of HIV cases, but our average annual figures have remained fairly consistent. In our region, the rates of HIV are lower than the provincial rates. The easy access curbside service aims to increase HIV and STI testing, the frequency of testing, and the number of people linked to treatment and care — all of which contribute to decreasing HIV transmission.

For more information about our HIV self-test kits, please visit kflaph.ca/GetaKit