Have your say: Help update Kingston’s Community Gardens Policy

June 3, 2023

The City of Kingston seeks feedback from residents.  The City of Kingston’s Community Gardens Development and Operations Policy is undergoing review and we are seeking input from the community.

The City seeks feedback about what works with the policy and what elements can be improved. Have your say by completing a survey on GetInvolvedKingston before July 7 at 4 p.m. City staff will also be visiting various community gardens during the month of June. 

Feedback will be collected and taken into consideration to inform the updated Community Gardens Development and Operations Policy. Once an updated version of the policy is drafted, it will be presented to Kingston City Council for review and approval.

“The City values community gardens as a means to improving the health and well-being of our neighbourhoods, providing food security, creating engaged communities and increasing the sustainability of our beautiful city,” says Ben Leslie, Community Development Coordinator with the City of Kingston. 

Community gardens provide a shared space for a group of residents or a community organization to grow and harvest produce, flowers or native plants. The City accepts applications for community gardens to be built on municipally owned lands to help residents and local non-profits establish community-led garden projects in parks and greenspaces.