Gaels Remain Undefeated After 85-33 Victory Against Ontario Tech Ridgebacks

November 20, 2023

By Emma Thompson

The Queen’s Women’s Basketball team continued their winning streak by coming out on top of
the Ontario Tech Ridgebacks on Friday, Nov.17th in Kingston.

The game started out with fierceness from the Gaels, who came out to compete and win. The
women racked up the scoreboard quickly in the first quarter, as well as played strong strategic
defence against the Ridgebacks.

As Queen’s headed into the second quarter in the lead, they picked up right where they left off
and continued fighting. The Ridgebacks put up a fight, scoring a few backs, but the Gaels played

The Gaels kept up their game in the third quarter, with incredible shots from downtown as well
as from the field. By the end of the fourth quarter, the Ridgebacks could not catch up, finishing
with a score of 85-33 for Queen’s. Mikayla McFarlane was a player to watch, as she led the team
with 19 points in just 17 minutes of play. Julia Chadwick and Katrina Renon also had a great
game, with Chadwick scoring 14 points, and Renon scoring 9 points. The Gaels finished the
game with 43 percent from the field, and 33 percent from the three-point range, keeping the
Ridgebacks behind with 26 percent from the field and 23 percent from the three-point range.
After this game, their overall standing rose to 5-0 and will be back in action on Nov. 18, where
they will take on the Ontario Tech Ridgebacks once again in Oshawa.