Frontenacs Fall to Mississauga Steelheads

November 20, 2023

By Emma Thompson

The Kingston Frontenacs fell to the Mississauga Steelheads Friday night, where both
teams put up a strong fight.

The first period was an event start for both teams, including a close chance for the Steelheads
five minutes into the period. The Frontenacs had many opportunities during a powerplay eight
minutes in, but unfortunately couldn’t put the puck in the net. Halfway through the period, Porter
Mortone of the Steelheads popped one in between the legs of Mason Vaccari, putting
Mississauga in the lead. Just two minutes later, Luke Misa of the Steelheads scored, putting
Mississauga ahead by two. The Frontenacs pushed through, playing strong hockey and keeping
pace with their opponents. Maleek McGowan of the Frontenacs acquired a penalty with just over
a minute left in the first period, killed it off successfully, and finished the first period with a score
of 2-0 for Mississauga.

The Steelheads came out aggressive in the second period, popping a goal in two minutes
into the period by Angus MacDonell. While the Frontenacs pushed back hard, Zander Veccia of
the Steelheads scored a goal, putting Mississauga ahead by four. Matthew Soto had a close
scoring attempt for Kingston but was bested by Jack Ivankovic, the goalie for Mississauga.
Mason Vaccari, the goalie for Kingston, had an amazing save that kept the Frontenacs in the
game and changed the pace. Halfway through the period, Jacob Battaglia popped one in the back
of the net for Kingston, the beginning of a new game for the Frontenacs. Three minutes later, the
Frontenacs scored another goal thanks to Linus Hemström, changing the score to 4-2.

Mississauga answered that goal, as William Eggleton scored above the shoulder of Vaccari. At
the end of the period, Mississauga led the game with a score of 5-2.

Madox Callens opened the third period with a beautiful goal for the Frontenacs with a
fantastic assist for Maleek McGowan. Both teams played hard, with Kingston outshooting
Mississauga 34-30. Halfway through the period, Lucas Karmiris of the Steelheads scored the
sixth and final goal of the game, ending with a score of 6-3 for Mississauga. Both teams played a
strong and aggressive game, but the Steelheads came out victorious Friday night. The Frontenacs
are back in action on Nov. 18th, where they will take on Brantford Bulldogs.