Cowboy Junkies at Grand Theatre

2023-09-16 - 2023-10-05
Cowboy Junkies October 4th 2023
Wednesday, October 4, 2023, at 7:30 p.m.
Kingston Grand Theatre || Regina Rosen Auditorium
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Cowboy Junkies


"...Margo Timmins's voice is as melancholy and enchanting as ever."   - The New York Times

Sometimes revolutions begin quietly.
In 1988, Cowboy Junkies proved that there was an audience waiting for something quiet, beautiful and reflective. The Trinity Session was like a whisper that cut through the noise -- and it was compelling. It stood out in the midst of the flash and bombast that came to define the late 80's. The now classic recording combined folk, blues and rock in a way that had never been heard before and went on to sell more than a million copies.

Formed in Toronto in 1985 with siblings Michael Timmins on guitar, Margo Timmins on vocals, Peter Timmins on drums, and Michael’s lifelong friend Alan Anton on bass, the band has sparkled over the course of 26 albums. “I’ve known Alan longer than I’ve known Pete,” says Michael. “We were friends before Pete was born.”

Unlike most long-lasting groups, Cowboy Junkies have never had a break up or taken a sanity-saving hiatus. There’s an appreciation of each other that keeps them constantly working. “It’s that intimacy and understanding of what each one of us brings to the table,” says Michael. Cowboy Junkies’ will be performing a career-spanning show, including their new album, ‘Such Ferocious Beauty’, which was released worldwide on June 2, 2023 to universal critical acclaim.

"Such Ferocious Beauty offers some of the most intense, electrifying and aggressive sonic rock soundscapes in the Cowboy Junkies canon."    - The Toronto Star
Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane (Live)
"Cowboy Junkies break new ground with 'Such Ferocious Beauty'...The Timmins siblings plus Alan Anton may be 38 years into their career as a band, but with their latest album, they sound as if they’re starting all over…'Such Ferocious Beauty' unfurls as a pitch-perfect sequence and late-career classic."   - No Depression
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