Nightly closures of Breakwater Park and Gord Downie Pier come into effect September 7

September 6, 2023

Gord Edgar Downie Pier and Breakwater Park beach will be closed to the public nightly, from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. on Sept. 7, 2023, until the morning of Sept. 10, 2023. 

The decision to close the park follows the declaration of multiple Nuisance Parties in the University District, including one at the Pier on the evening of Sunday, Sept. 3. Large unsanctioned gatherings in this area pose major safety risks, especially at night, necessitating the closure of the park and pier.  

City Bylaw Enforcement and Kingston Police will monitor and patrol the park and surrounding areas during this time. Active video surveillance is in place. 

Under Section 3 of City of Kingston By-Law Number 2009-76, it is an offence to enter or use a park where entry or use is prohibited by notice. Fencing and signage are being installed to prevent night-time access to the Gord Edgar Downie Pier and the beach area at Breakwater Park. Daytime access is still available through openings in the fence. 

Under the University District Safety Initiative, City Bylaw Enforcement and Kingston Police have been out in the community educating residents about the risks associated with large unsanctioned gatherings, including strains on emergency services. The closure emphasizes the importance of all community members behaving in a safe and responsible manner and allows Police and Bylaw Enforcement to proactively respond to potential disruptions. 

Enforcement under Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs) 

Residents who attempt to access the Gord Edgar Downie Pier and beach area at Breakwater Park during the closure period, even alone, can be issued a $200 Administrative Monetary Penalty (AMP) under the City’s Parks By-Laws for failure to comply. Fines issued under the City’s AMPs must be paid and appealed directly through the City. For further information about Administrative Monetary Penalties, please visit