Exploring the legacy of Springhill's mining tragedy with Ken Cuthbertson

Embark on a journey through history and into the heart of contemporary challenges with Ken
Cuthbertson, Governor General Literary Award finalist and veteran journalist.

Delving into the 1958 Springhill mining disaster, Cuthbertson will explore its profound impact on the
Nova Scotia community and the mining industry of that era. His presentation, inspired by his latest
work, Blood on the Coal: The Springhill Mining Disaster, transcends time, touching on the modern issue
of the industry's role in the climate crisis.

“Cuthbertson's work has been a source of knowledge and inspiration, making Canadian history
accessible to many readers,” said Jake Miller, Librarian, Adult Programming. “He gives the Springhill
tragedy the attention it deserves, offering an invaluable learning experience from one of Canada's most
accomplished non-fiction authors.”

This presentation is at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library’s (KFPL) Isabel Turner Branch on November
25 at 1:30 p.m. It offers a unique chance to engage with history, community and pressing global issues,
to reflect on our past, understand our present, and shape a better future.

For event registration and more information, please visit https://calendar.kfpl.ca/event/9291138.
Explore Ken Cuthbertson’s other works available at KFPL.