AMS Board Terminates CFRC Staff Without Cause

On October 2, 2012, CFRC staff were informed by representatives of the Board of Directors of the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University, Inc.(the AMS), that our Business Manager, Ayanda Mngoma, has been terminated without cause, effective immediately.

The AMS Board has decided to eliminate the full-time Business Manager position, replacing it with a Sponsorship and Outreach volunteer position at 15 hours per week on commission.  The decision was made by the AMS Board without consultation with CFRC’s Advisory Board, the body representing CFRC’s financial stakeholders (such as the AMS, the SGPS, Queen’s Faculty/Staff and community members) that is responsible for advising the AMS Board on station operations.

The AMS issued a brief statement and report concerning its “motion to restructure CFRC” but has not yet provided:
-Any documentation delineating the impact the change will have on CFRC’s day-to-day operations;
-A plan for transitioning into the new position;
-Any accommodation for completing work currently under the Business Manager’s portfolio, or
-A plan for redistributing Business Manager tasks, which are not in the job description of the new volunteer position, to CFRC’s 3 other full-time paid staff

The AMS Board has drafted and approved its own budget for CFRC, without consulting the station’s staff or Advisory Board. The AMS budget increases projected ad revenues by $3000 while terminating the full-time employee responsible for generating advertising. The termination will lower CFRC’s costs by just over $6500 in expenses; but CFRC anticipates the loss in revenue to be much greater than the AMS has stipulated in its budget for the station.

If you wish to reach Ayanda or contact CFRC staff regarding advertising, sponsorship or promotions, please use the alternate staff contacts provided below.

CFRC staff and the CFRC Radio Club executive are shocked and disappointed by this decision.  Due to the unanticipated crisis with CFRC’s staffing structure and resources, CFRC has had to postpone its fall cycle of volunteer training, affects more than 85 new recruits, the great majority of whom are AMS members.

The AMS Board has made clear that its decision is final. Therefore, the only avenue for challenging these actions lies with encouraging the representatives of the AMS Assembly to overturn the decision at the AMS Corporate General Meeting on November 8.
If you would like to ask Assembly representatives for more information about this decision, or urge them  to reinstate CFRC’s Business Manager, you may reach the following:
Doug Johnson – AMS President & CEO:
Tristan Lee – AMS Vice-President (Operations):
Mira Dineen – AMS Vice-President (University Affairs):
Scott Mason – AMS Speaker and Chief Electoral Officer:
Liam Faught – Commissioner of Internal Affairs:
John Whittaker – President, ASUS: president@asus
Tom Jacobs – Vice President, ASUS:
Taylor Wheeler – President, EngSoc:
Vikram Bhatia – Vice President (Student Development):
Nicola Plummer – President, ComSoc:
David Koke – Vice President, External:
Daniel Farewell – Vice President, Internal:
Kalem Boomhouwer – President, Nursing Science Society:
Colleen McLoughlin – Vice President, Nursing Science Society:
Ben Frid – President, Aesculapian Society:
Elizabeth Lappin – President, COMPSA:
Philip Lloyd – President, CESA:
Steven Gillies – President, PHEKSA:
Tuba Chishti – President, MCRC:
Xiang Wang – President, JRHC:
Mitch Gudgeon – President, MBA:

You can reach CFRC staff with questions or concerns:
Kristiana Clemens, Operations Officer
Lisa Aalders, Spoken Word Programming Manager
Neven Lochhead, Music Programming Manager
You can also call the station’s main office line, weekdays 10am-5pm at 613-533-2121
You can reach the Radio Club president, Megan Chandler at

There is a public discussion to address CFRC’s funding and governance situation on Saturday, October 20 from 2-4pm in Dunning Hall Room 12.