CFRC is Hiring 5 Queen’s Students!

CFRC is hiring 5 positions for the fall!  Your campus-community radio station is recruiting 4 Queen’s student Work Study positions to coordinate News, Arts, Remote Broadcasts and Outreach; plus a part-time Queen’s student Volunteer Coordinator.  Work-Study positions are only open to Queen’s students with a Work Study entitlement; and the Volunteer Coordinator role is open to all Queen’s students.  For complete job descriptions and application details, please download the Job Postings package or visit Queen’s MyCareer. Application deadlines for the Work Study positions are September 8 and for the Volunteer Coordinator position, September 15. For more information, contact

Prisoners’ Justice Day Broadcast, August 10

On Sunday, August 10, 2014, CFRC presents its 6th annual broadcast for PRISONERS’ JUSTICE DAY, in remembrance of all who have died behind bars.

2014 marks the 39th annual international Prisoners’ Justice Day, which began in commemoration of Eddie Nalon, a prisoner who bled to death in the segregation unit of Millhaven prison, in the Kingston area, on August 10, 1974.

From 11am-3pm, CFRC 101.9fm airs history, interviews, memorials and news related to prisoners and prison conditions. From 3pm-6pm, CFRC airs messages and music requests by and for prisoners and their loved ones and supporters. Listeners are invited to contribute requests, messages and comments by contacting us via:

MAIL: PJD c/o CFRC, Lower Carruthers Hall, 62 Fifth Field Company Lane,
Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, K7L-3N6
PHONE: 613-533-CFRC [2372] (live request line); 1-800-440-5219 (toll-free message line)


CFRC Awarded Trillium Foundation Grant

CFRC has received a significant boost from the The Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario, which has awarded CFRC $34,500 in funding for technical upgrades in support of the station’s Revitalization Plan.

CFRC has navigated significant administrative and governance changes in recent years, overhauling its operating structure and outreach strategies to better engage and serve listeners. Over the past twelve months, CFRC has secured increased funding from Queen’s University students, surpassed its fundraising goal through gifts from hundreds of donors and obtained support from Queen’s University for in-kind contributions of rent and services to 2017. CFRC’s Revitalization Plan mobilizes these resources to undertake significant technical, IT and accessibility upgrades at the radio station and to restructure staffing over the next three years. The Trillium Foundation funds will support technical and IT upgrades at CFRC over the next few months to enhance the station’s free broadcast skills training programs, on-air programming, and on-line access to CFRC audio content.

Contributions from CFRC’s diverse stakeholders will combine with the Trillium Foundation’s support to help ensure CFRC can fully implement its Revitalization Plan to build a healthy, sustainable and accessible future for campus and community radio in Kingston. On behalf of the station’s 250 volunteers and 48,000 listeners, thank you to the Trillium Foundation and all CFRC supporters!


World Listening Day, July 18

Join CFRC on Friday, July 18, to celebrate World Listening Day! The purpose of World Listening Day is to celebrate the listening practices of the world and the ecology of its acoustic environments.  July 18 was chosen because it is the birthday of Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, founder of the World Soundscape Project and author of the seminal book, The Tuning of the World.  CFRC will participate by airing special content at 10am EST, featuring a collection of local and international recordings, and on The Anatomy Lesson at 11pm/23h00 EST.  You can participate, in part, by tuning in!  For more information about World Listening Day visit or the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology.

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